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This Woman has kept me smiling and motivated over the past weeks.Every day I look forward to her fitness sessions.. Her determination ,dedication & infectious motivation is outstanding ! Thanks Cathy, you are an Inspiration 🙏🏻🌈❤️🙌🏼 Check out MAC FIT if you want In on the fun !


Maura McGuinness 

It a great place she has the gym training people of all ages with great results  getting your body to where you want it, facials, of all kinds.I myself get a hot stone massage followed with a sauna ending  with  a cold lemon drink, yogurt with fresh fruit and taking home her own amazingballs, so I do this fortnightly!
It feels so GOOD, next one booked 🤗


Lisa McLaughlin 

Can thoroughly recommend Cathy’s Macfit online zoom classes! Really fun and effective 30min workouts which increase energy levels during these lockdown days! Great value too 👍👏

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