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Whether you’re interested in trying out a sport for the first time or are looking to improve your skills in one you’re already involved in, MAC FIT offers various classes for every level of experience. Join any of my courses to develop your skillset in a professional and positive environment, and start playing today.




MAC FIT offers,  Personal Training Sessions all year-round for clients of any age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to boost their performance, with measurable improvements during each session. See for yourself why Personal Training Sessions are always sold out. This can be in person or online with zoom . 




Online classes offer a new and exciting approach to your sports training and active lifestyle. Train while at home and even involve the whole family in the session together. No need to even leave the house and book into a class of your choice and train with N.Irelands only female professional boxer at MAC FIT. I developed my Group Sessions from drills and lessons used by myself of the most elite athletes which helped me achieve my three world titles. I know that practice makes perfect, but there is no perfect… so keep practicing with me. Schedule a class today.




FightingMac, three times world champion in Katate,kickboxing and K1. MAC is now N.Irelands only female professional boxer and managed by Amelie Maloney . Formerly known as Frank Maloney who managed Lennox Lewis Heavy weight world champion. No better person to learn karate - boxing-kickboxing or K1 from. Mixed martial artist from 8years of age and has competed all over the world. Mac owns two karate schools and trains many word champions.  Through a strategic mix of theoretical lessons and practical sessions, class participants become comfortable with the game both on and off the Matt. If you’re looking to learn a new art, Intense Sessions with MAC FIT are for you.




MAC FIT, offers companies all over the word to treat their staff to weekly fitness class with three times world champion Cathy McAleer (FightingMac). This is a great tool for companies to keep staff active  ,alert and healthy while working from home.   MAC FIT, Will teach Cardio - Core or strength classes to your teams online for 30min sessions. It’s a great opportunity for staff to workout together and destress away from their computer.  Also a great opportunity for employees to look after their health and fitness and with measurable improvements during each session. See for yourself why Personal online Sessions can really benefit your workforce . 

Take your game up to the next level - sign up for a class today.

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